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"The words on any page, have the ability to take you where you've never been before. Take the leap to Read."

Lade Breez

Journeys Traveled

Beverly Johnson is now coming into the age of character discovery.  While navigating her way through the life of a teenager, the obstacles that are meant to break her down, continue to roll in without remorse.  With her resilience and strength, she pushes on in attempt to find the young woman she is supposed to be, while questioning is that all she is minimized to become.

Continue on this Journey of self-discovery and self-awareness with her as she charts her own paths of who she is supposed to be while battling who her family wants and expects her to be, in her last years of High school.

With a few twists and turns on the rise, Bev isn't going to be pushed around any longer.  Will you take this journey along with her to see if she sustains the test?  Can she really have the life she deserves while also giving everyone else what they want from her?  Is that even a possible task?

Journeys Of A Long Walk

She’s a mother, she’s an African American, and she’s openly lesbian. In the midst of learning and growing, Beverly Johnson takes you on a journey through her eyes as a child into her adolescent years of learning. This long walk she must endure is about the hatred that surrounds her just wanting to be herself in a world full of barriers; a world that only seems to be designed to keep her in a deep depression and held back by differences. Walk with her into her present life with the struggles of being an African American woman who survives on the willingness to keep going in order to receive the happiness she’s always dreamed about for her and her two sons, Lucas and Braylen. Unfortunately, this world isn’t so kind and loving as she wants to be to this world because society and even relatives can’t seem to get past her tomboyish appearance and her openly lesbian self. Dazed and confused, broken and torn, travel with her As Beverly attempts to find herself through it all; she is in search of a place of acceptance, love and the peace of mind to be free of judgment like she drains herself to give to everyone she attempts to help along the way. Can you take this Journey with her?

Point Me To Poetry

This literary compilation is comprised of poems to empower, embrace, and to invoke the mind. A poetic walk through the eyes of award winning Poet and Spoken Word Artist, Lade Breez.


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